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      Making art a part of everyday life

      Luisa Castellanos

      As an Art Historian and a self-taught designer, my work offers a unique perspective of the world that surrounds us. My designs start from a classic art history reference being juxtaposed with a contemporary influence, always with a post-modern approach.

      With this collection, I wanted to share the inspiration I feel when I see the patterns that are naturally formed around me. Architecture was one of my biggest inspirations, especially the way shadows interact with windows at different times of the day.

      Luisa Castellanos

      Kata Garces

      Kata Garcés is a Colombian portrait photographer. She currently works independently in her studio, developing creative photography projects for musical bands, local brands and family portraits. She also produces her personal fine art photography project, in which she seeks to express through the dreamlike and the metaphorical the complexity of human feelings and their relationship with nature. Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as Casa Palma and the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Bogota, Colombia. Flora, the collection she is sharing at Roomdekko, is a series of decorative photography and digital collage where the beauty of nature is exalted, with the intention of providing the space with an image that generates freshness and tranquility.

      Henry Hu

      "Exercising through various mediums, Henry Hu’s (born 1995 Hong Kong) ambient imageries are a wash of abrupt compositions and subdued wanderings. Alive with a soft hallucinatory haze, every sequence of visuals commits to an infusion. An exchange. An immediacy. A link between the interior and the exterior — of a self, a being, an identity, a consciousness. Composed of multiple pieces, arranged in a specified order, each individual series offers an overarching narrative, steps away from the present for a spell: tasked with casting new perspectives, fresh air to breathe, a spiritual relief. Often juxtaposing the past with the future, differing forms of surrealistic fantasies unfold across his works; along with a recurring structure, the heart of all series rests in harmony."

      Henry Hu

      Alejandra Tellez - A-LeBel

      I am a designer and initially, I worked in design studios in Barcelona and Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, I work freelance, which has allowed me to offer my work to multiple companies and individuals. I enjoy developing new ideas and bringing my creativity to projects. My main objective is to capture the idea, need, or expectation of the client.


      Within my portfolio, I offer my skills in graphic design, branding, communication pieces, catalogs, and for some time I have been training in the UI world. Thus developing projects for both web and mobile applications.


      During my design process, I find inspiration in nature and photography. I really like strong contrasts and playing with negative spaces. I love seeing my work reflected in real products, it's a way to put my creativity to practical use.

      Christine Epars

      I began my career working as an Art Director and Graphic Designer at different firms and agencies, during that time I learned a lot about the creative process involved in working with clients. But by the time I had my children I realized I wanted something more, I wanted a deeper way to connect with design, which is why I became independent and opened my own graphic design studio.

       One of the great passions of my life are my children, it is thanks to them that I became independent and managed to have my own design studio, they move me, move my designs, and my dreams. This journey has made me realize it is through graphic design that I can express what I feel, especially when I am unable to put my emotions into words, graphic design is the way I can express them eloquently.

      Creating new ideas through design is what I am passionate about. For me, every day is a great learning process, and it is through colors, textures, and shapes, I create my own universe.