A talented look in the eye of an incredible woman: Patricia Rincon Mautner

Since I was ten years old, I dreamed of living my life with a camera around my neck, taking photos of everything that surrounded me, and my dreams have definitely come true. I started taking pictures more than 25 years ago, and since then, I've had the pleasure of traveling the world while working in so many different countries and in multiple areas; like NGOs, big enterprises, and I've had my work printed in multiple newspapers around the world. After all these years, I can say there has always been something enticing about telling a story through an image and being capable of talking without words.

When I began working, Colombia was living one of its most violent moments; the country's image was one filled with fear both nationally and worldwide. In navigating this difficult time, I found comfort in the power of intimate portraits and how everyday depictions of life had when it came to changing the way people perceived my homeland. Colombia taught me how to discover beauty in the mundane. While photographing it, traveling around my country has shown me how life happens deep inside a flower while a bee sits on it, or a coffee plantation while it is harvested.

Beyond discovering how to experience and absorb the moments around me, photography has taught me two of the most valuable lessons that I try to portray in all of my work. Foremost, the perfect moment does not exist, and the best way to take the ideal photograph is to trust your intuition. Second, be curious and be fearless. Wherever I go, I always want to learn about everything and I am not afraid to ask, this is the only way to truly find and show what's beyond the image, to honestly portray the soul of a person or the most enchanting colors of a place.

Photography is about storytelling, noticing the magic in life and showing it to the world.