Art and Photography

Despite its controversial beginnings and its difficult relationship with artists at the time of its creation, today photography is considered another art genre, and museums and galleries around the world proudly display some of the most famous images taken by highly celebrated photographers. This is likely due to the fact that photography allowed artists to explore new ways of portraying the world on a canvas and leave realism to photographers; while at the same time cameras became a tool in their creative process and started teaching them a new way to observe the world.

While cameras evolved and transformed, photography was not only valued by the new perspectives it provided, but as a technique on itself. Artists, scientists, and photographers alike started discovering all the possibilities that lay behind the process of developing photos. As the mixing of different pigments was part of the process of creating a painting, artists realized that taking an image with a camera was only half of what photography was all about, and that in the processing of a photo there were millions of possibilities to transform it beyond its original product. Of course, nowadays digital photography has made the process of developing images way more efficient and analogous photography is seen as a nostalgic vintage fashion. 

Even though the developing process of a photo is now a thing of the past, digital photography is just as artful as its predecessor, or even more. The biggest advantage modern cameras have is in their lenses and how technology is constantly working in allowing them to reach further distances and even more specific angles. This allows contemporary photographers to reach a whole new dimension that is not available to the human eye.

Thanks to the technological advances in both cameras and lenses, we now know what lies deep inside the center of a flower or how soft a peacock feather truly is. Modern developments and cellphones that enable us to have a camera with us everywhere we go, are the reason today we have so many photography styles, ranging from macro to underwater photography. Nonetheless, we can all be considered amateur photographers, there will always exist the true artists, who can see beyond a simple frame, and through their images can show us the magic behind everyday life.