Roomdekko is about making art a part of everyday life. It is a project I've wanted to do for a very long time. Art has always surrounded my life; I have found it brings multiple benefits, not only in leading a creative life but just as a reminder to stop for a minute and absorb the present moment.


During the years, I've had the opportunity of working in different job sectors. Either if I was in an office, sitting in a formal work environment, or trying to figure out the next big plot twist while writing a TV Series, I have always turned to art, both as an inspiration and as a moment of meditation. That sense of peace and motivation that art has continually brought to my life is what I wanted Roomdekko to be. By taking beautiful photographs captured worlwide and placing them in everyday objects like canvas, bags, journals, or pillows, I want to give everyone the possibility of having a piece of art accompanying them at all times.

Even though I've wanted to do this for a while, the Covid-19 pandemic was definitely the last impulse I needed to bring my project to life. During these trying times, I discovered that what art gave me in my everyday life was magnified in quarantine. Having beautiful paintings and photographs hanging on my home walls became almost like a therapy for my family and me.

All that art and photography have given me during my life is what I want to share with the world with Roomdekko. I believe surrounding yourself with beautiful things to look at is the best way to remember to savor every moment, enjoy the present, and keep an optimistic mindset.