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      Choosing Colors for Home

      Choosing Colors for Home

      Given the number of colors we find at the hardware store, deciding which one to use at home might feel like a daunting task. But there are tools we can use to narrow our options down to the ones that will look the best and make us feel happy and cozy.

      The psychology behind color is one of the best ways to choose which color to use in a space. Color Psychology is the theory that analyzes how color affects our mood. For example, colors like red and orange spike our energy and passion, this makes them great options to use in an office space or even a living room. In contrast, blue and green are soothing colors, perfect for a bedroom or meditation room.

      As with the color you use to paint your walls, the colors of the pictures and paintings you hang are also very important and will affect the mood of each space. For this reason, it is important to be mindful not only of how colors look with each other but how will you feel around them.

      Here we want to make some suggestions, for you to choose the best wall art for each space in your home:

      For the bedroom -


      Tequendama Waterfall I | Three Piece Canvas

      For the office -

      Blocks | Rectangular Canvas

      For the playroom -

      Pastel Sketch | Square Canvas

      For the living room –

      Flora I | Three Piece Canvas

      Making a Living Room the Perfect Space

      Making a Living Room the Perfect Space

      Sometimes designing the living room at our house is difficult. It is the center of the house, and as such, we want it to feel and look perfect. But we are here to share with you the most important details that can make this space go from fine to amazing. 

      1. STOP placing furniture exclusively against the wall. Of course, every space is different, and sometimes all we have are two or three walls that make up a very small space, but even then, try moving things around. Not placing the couch against the wall or the window but using it to create a barrier between two spaces can make your home feel bigger. 

      2. Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to make a space feel renovated, and they are the best at helping colors pop. When choosing throw pillows for your couch, think of the artwork around or the decoration pieces, and try to use complementary colors to help these pieces stand out. 

      Here you can find a selection of our favorite throw pillow combinations for any living room style : Pillows selection

      3. Talking about wall art, choose pieces that make you feel happy. Sometimes we think about style as just something trendy, but not something we necessarily like. The best way to have a living room you love is by decorating it with things that make you feel happy. 

      4. Always remember the colors you choose can affect your mood, so if you plan on having a living room to entertain a lot of people, yellow and orange tones are perfect for this. But if you prefer it to relax and rest after a long day, neutral tones like beige are the best way to go. 


      The Best Throw Pillows for Every Style of Living Room

      The Best Throw Pillows for Every Style of Living Room

      We all have different styles, you can decorate your living room according to it, here we give you some ideas: 

      For the nature obsessed –


      Cienaga | Pillow


       Guajira Sunset | Pillow

       For the artsy  –


      Stripes | Pillow


      Blocks | Pillow

       For the eclectic  –


       Flora IV | Pillow


      Flora III | Pillow

       For the love birds’  –


       Stamp Roses | Pillow


       Red Rose I | Pillow

      Now you can put your personal touch to your spaces!!

      Surprising Things Trees Do for Us

      Surprising Things Trees Do for Us


      Trees are an essential part, both the ecosystem and for our survival. Rainforests, woodlands, and parks in urban spaces are some of the most important areas to preserve. Most of us know that trees give us oxygen, and just for that we should be aware of the importance they have for our life on earth, but trees do so much more beneficial things for us, and is important we learn more about this, so we never take trees for granted.


      • Tree canopies are constantly trapping pollution from the air, making them a natural filter for our lungs.
      • Medical research has shown that being surrounded by trees for even a small period of time has enormous health benefits, like lowering your blood pressure and stress levels.
      • Trees absorb carbon monoxide from the environment, helping to cool the air and slowing global warming consequences.


      Therefore, it is crucial that we protect them and at the same time, strive to have more trees. For this reason, at Roomdekko we are helping reforest the Amazon. But we need your help, for every $50 you buy at our store, we will plant one tree in the lung of the world.

      Self Care Tips

      Self Care Tips

      After a long year of staying at home, some of us might want to go out into the world and experience life outside again. But with offices reopening, summer in full motion, restaurants, bars, and concerts happening all at the same time, we might end up overly stimulated and exhausted. 


      Therefore, we are sharing with you some of the best self-care advice, so you can fully enjoy life with friends and family again, but also take into consideration time for yourself. 


      • Do some stretching or yoga after you wake up and before bed. 
      • Stay hydrated. With temperatures reaching an all-time high this summer, it is extremely important to keep your liquid intake high, this way you will avoid feeling tired throughout the day and ending up sick. 
      • Give yourself a treat. Sometimes we feel overly guilty when we eat something sweet, but occasionally (even while following the strictest of diets) having a little treat can do better than harm. 
      • Take a moment to organize your workspace. Sometimes we let clutter fill our desks, this can lead to our brains feeling tired without an explanation. 
      • Surround yourself with things that make you smile and feel good. A nice poster, a beautiful notebook, some throw pillows. Feel your space with objects that feel unique to you and remind you of nice and happy things. 


      Fill your life with good vibes and remember to eat some chocolate once in a while!