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Tips for Hanging Artwork Like a Pro

Tips for Hanging Artwork Like a Pro

  1. If you are hanging the pieces over an averaged size furniture like a sofa or a cabinet, the center of the canvas should be between 56’’ and 60’’ from the floor.  The average measure and a rule of thumb are 57’’. If you are not sure about the height always go with 57’’, but if you see it feels slightly low remember you can go a bit higher. 
  1. Always try to leave between 6’’ to 8’’ between the lower part of the canvas and the top part of the furniture. This will allow both the artwork and the furniture to breath and each has their own space, but also work as one whole piece. This will avoid the feeling of crowdedness in any room. 
  1. When you are hanging more than one piece, leave 2’’ between each canvas. *Even if it is part of the same image. As for the point before, leaving space between objects, in general, gives a sense of openness and avoids the claustrophobic feeling of accumulation. Hanging a three-piece canvas with 2’’ between each piece can be super helpful to make smaller spaces feel bigger. 
  1. If you are hanging artwork above your bed, the rules change a little. You need to leave 5’’ to 9’’ between the upper part of your bed frame and the lower part of the canvas.  When you decide to have a canvas above your bed, you do not want to feel like it is falling on you every time you go to sleep. That is why we recommend avoiding hanging it too close to the frame. 
  1. In the dining room, the 57’’ rule works wonders, and besides measuring from the floor, you should also make sure your canvas is not hanging absurdly high from the table. When hanging artwork in the dining room, we suggest you take a piece of paper cut to the same size as the canvas and stick it to the wall before hanging the actual piece. This way you will be able to check the height both when you are standing and when you are sitting down.