Best Gift Ideas for Your Grandmother

The holiday season is approaching, and it is time to start getting our loved one’s beautiful gifts that they will love and cherish. We want to share our favorite product ideas to help you find the perfect gift for everybody in your life.

With the pandemic still going on, it is possible that our grandmothers or mothers, who once enjoyed gardening, or stopping and smelling every flower, haven’t been able to go outside as much. Spending time in nature is an important part of our wellbeing, but sometimes living in a city makes access to nature harder. Therefore, we designed a collection with flowers that last forever and keeps nature close.

 A gift to make your grandmother smile –


 Red Rose III | Square Canvas


A gift to keep her warm and cozy –

Flowers Orchid III | Fleece Blanket


Something to add color to her home –

Bee in Yellow Cymbidium | Pillow


For the tech save grandmother –

Butterfly | Mouse Pad

Hummingbird | iPhone Case

To help her carry her things, even if you are not there –

Red Rose Petals | Bag