Choosing Colors for Home

Given the number of colors we find at the hardware store, deciding which one to use at home might feel like a daunting task. But there are tools we can use to narrow our options down to the ones that will look the best and make us feel happy and cozy.

The psychology behind color is one of the best ways to choose which color to use in a space. Color Psychology is the theory that analyzes how color affects our mood. For example, colors like red and orange spike our energy and passion, this makes them great options to use in an office space or even a living room. In contrast, blue and green are soothing colors, perfect for a bedroom or meditation room.

As with the color you use to paint your walls, the colors of the pictures and paintings you hang are also very important and will affect the mood of each space. For this reason, it is important to be mindful not only of how colors look with each other but how will you feel around them.

Here we want to make some suggestions, for you to choose the best wall art for each space in your home:

For the bedroom -


Tequendama Waterfall I | Three Piece Canvas

For the office -

Blocks | Rectangular Canvas

For the playroom -

Pastel Sketch | Square Canvas

For the living room –

Flora I | Three Piece Canvas