New Season New Vibe

Spring is here! Finally, the weather is changing, and life outside is an option again. After a winter that felt longer than usual, and a year that's been unlike others, going outside (with all the safety measures) is crucial for our mental health. 

With that said, life isn't back to normal yet and most of us still have to spend a lot of time indoors working or studying. This is why at Roomdekko we launched two new collections that bring the feeling of spring inside our homes. 

The Print Life Style Design Connections Collection was thought out for people who like to decorate their space with bold designs and beautiful colors. The abstract designs on all of the prints are the perfect complement to any space that needs a sense of renovation, without having to go through the hassle of tearing down a wall. 

The Rainbow Garden Design Collection is a playful and vivid set of designs, thought out for children and adults alike. The patterns range from floral to pastel, which makes it a perfect collection for both a spring vibe and to help you get into the summer mood early. 

We know a lot of people won't be able to return to normal life soon and working from home will keep being the norm for a while. This is why we wanted to bring you two new collections, to help you brighten up your space, change the vibe and fill your life with happiness and positivity!