Our New Year’s List of Wishes

This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. This time last year, we were planning and imagining all the amazing things we were going to accomplish and the places we were going to visit in 2020. Today we are all a little more cautious with our planning.

Given the current circumstances, the usual New Year’s tradition of getting our goals in order and thinking about everything we want to happen in 2021 might differ. That is why in Roomdekko we have found a better way to approach the planning for next year. Our technique is incredibly cool because it doesn’t involve planning at all! We learned this year that living life to the fullest is not about our accomplishments but the way we approach the difficult situations we are faced with, and we believe that the best way to face the challenges is with a mindful view of life. 

Here are some tips we have used throughout the year that worked for us: 

  • Meditation - 15 minutes of daily meditation are an excellent way to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, control anxiety, enhance your attention span, and much more. 
  • Be aware of your breath – If you stop whatever you are doing and become aware of your breath, this will help calm down, focus, and reduce anxiety, amongst other beneficial outcomes. Just focus for 5 minutes a day in your breath to start your way into mindfulness. 
  • Gratitude – It mind sound cliché, but being thankful is a proven way to improve your overall happiness. Have a gratitude journal right next to your bed and write three things you are grateful for every night. It will change your view on life immediately! 
  • Work out – We know this one might sound boring or challenging for many. But working out doesn’t have to be hard. You can play a good album and dance to it for a whole hour, or take a long walk outside on a sunny day. The important thing is you move your body a little every day. 
  • Be present – Being present is one essential mindfulness tips you can learn. And it is not hard; all you have to do is start small. Begin by having lunch and not looking at your phone, just eating your food, paying attention to the flavors and the textures, or taking a moment to stare out the window and look at the people passing by, without thinking about any other thing, just enjoy the moment. 

These are a few very important tips we have practiced during this tumultuous 2020 that have helped us achieve our goals, remain positive, and preserve our mental health. We hope they can do the same for you!