Recycling Tips for Everyone


Our goal at Roomdekko is to make a positive impact in the world while building a community of creativity and well-being. We believe that happy people take better care of the world that surrounds them. This is why we want to share some tips and ideas for recycling at home.

 First off, be mindful of what you are throwing away and how. Separating your trash is the primary step for a successful recycling process. Metal, plastic, and glass items must be emptied and rinsed before discarding (keep in mind that some of those glass jars can be reused for storage). Paper and cardboard also can be recycled, remember to flatten everything into a nice stack before getting rid of it.

 Electronic waste such as light bulbs, batteries, cell phones, chargers, and electrical cords, should not be discarded the same way normal trash is, you should find an electronic waste bin and leave them there.

 If you are getting rid of old clothes, do not throw it in the trash. Think if it could be worn again and find your nearest donation box or if it's in no condition to be re-worn, cut it into pieces and use it as rags to clean your house with.

 Lastly, remember single-use plastics can't be recycled, so consider replacing supermarket bags with a reusable cloth bag and change plastic water bottles for a good lasting thermos you can take with you anywhere.

 Even though these tips might seem and feel small, every little action makes a difference when helping our planet.