Self Care Tips

After a long year of staying at home, some of us might want to go out into the world and experience life outside again. But with offices reopening, summer in full motion, restaurants, bars, and concerts happening all at the same time, we might end up overly stimulated and exhausted. 


Therefore, we are sharing with you some of the best self-care advice, so you can fully enjoy life with friends and family again, but also take into consideration time for yourself. 


  • Do some stretching or yoga after you wake up and before bed. 
  • Stay hydrated. With temperatures reaching an all-time high this summer, it is extremely important to keep your liquid intake high, this way you will avoid feeling tired throughout the day and ending up sick. 
  • Give yourself a treat. Sometimes we feel overly guilty when we eat something sweet, but occasionally (even while following the strictest of diets) having a little treat can do better than harm. 
  • Take a moment to organize your workspace. Sometimes we let clutter fill our desks, this can lead to our brains feeling tired without an explanation. 
  • Surround yourself with things that make you smile and feel good. A nice poster, a beautiful notebook, some throw pillows. Feel your space with objects that feel unique to you and remind you of nice and happy things. 


Fill your life with good vibes and remember to eat some chocolate once in a while!