Surprising Things Trees Do for Us


Trees are an essential part, both the ecosystem and for our survival. Rainforests, woodlands, and parks in urban spaces are some of the most important areas to preserve. Most of us know that trees give us oxygen, and just for that we should be aware of the importance they have for our life on earth, but trees do so much more beneficial things for us, and is important we learn more about this, so we never take trees for granted.


  • Tree canopies are constantly trapping pollution from the air, making them a natural filter for our lungs.
  • Medical research has shown that being surrounded by trees for even a small period of time has enormous health benefits, like lowering your blood pressure and stress levels.
  • Trees absorb carbon monoxide from the environment, helping to cool the air and slowing global warming consequences.


Therefore, it is crucial that we protect them and at the same time, strive to have more trees. For this reason, at Roomdekko we are helping reforest the Amazon. But we need your help, for every $50 you buy at our store, we will plant one tree in the lung of the world.