In Roomdekko we always want to help you make your spaces look great !!! So in order to make this happen, we are now launching our promotion:

Send us an image of a space you want to decorate, and we will send you back a mockup of a wall art product you select from our store in that space. 

1. How does it works:

Please send us a photo of the room or space where you want to put one of our wall art products to our email: 

This photo must meet the following specifications to make things happen. 

a. Must be taken frontally.

b. The place where you want to put our decorative product must be empty.

c. You must send us the real height and width (in US metric system) of the space in the photo. This information must be of the image in the picture; for example, if you are taking a photo of a wall and the information you give us is the height of the real wall but in the image only appears part of the wall, then the mockup we will send you back will not look accurate. So please be sure that the measurements you send us are those of the space that appears in the photo.

Besides the photo, you must send us the information about the wall art product you are interested in buying. If you are interested in buying more than one wall art product or if you are not sure which product you want to buy, send us up to three options, specifying the size of each wall art product you are interested in.

After we have all the information, in approximately two to three business days, we will send you back the mockups of our products in your spaces, so you can appreciate them and be able to see how your space looks before you buy. We will also send you a coupon code for a discount on one of our products.

So you can not only see how your space looks with our wall art products, but also have a discount.

All of this for free !!!

Please be aware that our mockups give you an idea of how your space will look like with one of our wall art products; this doesn't mean that your space will look exactly like the mockup.

This promotion is only for our wall art products.